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Oma Leen's

Who We Are

"Y'all Come On In."

Opened in November 2020, Oma Leen's is all about chef-driven menus, local sourcing, scratch cuisine, & southern hospitality.

Nestled in Walnut Springs, Texas, only 60 miles south of DFW, Oma Leen's has become a favorite spot for locals, in-the-know tourists, & travelers!

Oma Leen's was inspired & named after the lifestyle of the couple Austin & Shannon Odom's grandmother & great grandmother.

Oma was Austin's great grandmother, who's family lived on what she raised & harvested in West Texas. Willene was Shannon's grandmother, who played an enormous roll in her culinary upbringing in Southeast Louisiana. Oma + Willene = Oma Leen's! 

Both women were paramount to their families when it came to comfort, garden vegetables, farm raised food, & family. These traditions have been passed through the generations, which rightfully appears in our food, service, & establishment. 

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This menu is based around family, tradition, ingredients that the Lone Star State / Louisiana have to offer, and down home flavor!

AKA- The good stuff you'd find on Oma or Willene's Tables!

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